What are ECHOs and what do they have to do with our belief systems?

Firstly, think of a belief and a time when that belief was true for you.

For example, if your belief is ‘The world is a dangerous place’, you might remember when you had a car accident 10 years ago. That younger you in the car accident is your ECHO, an Energetic Conscious Hologram reverberating in the Matrix.

On one level, the word ‘echo’ has many connotations: a sound that reverberates beyond our control, a repetition that is distorted and a noise that we can’t see but know is present. It also has a magical quality to it.

Imagine shouting down a tunnel and then listening to that elusive echo, your voice eerily repeating into space. For all of these reasons, the term ‘ECHO’ fits well with Matrix Reimprinting, and many people who don’t want or need to know the science behind the name are satisfied with the term to describe the younger part of themselves.

The concept of ‘parts’ is not new. In traditional counselling and psychotherapy, parts are often described as ‘inner children’. The idea also features in the process of soul retrieval in shamanism. Many therapies conclude that when we experience a trauma, part of us splits off to protect us from the trauma, dulling or blocking our memory of the event. At the same time, a part of us relives the trauma over and over again, below the threshold of conscious awareness, as if it had never really ended.

An ECHO is a part of us that is below conscious awareness, part of our personal field. As we know, when we experience a trauma, if we can’t fight or take flight, we freeze. An ECHO is the part of us that has split off and is frozen in our subconscious. It’s likely to be experiencing the hundreds of fight or flight reactions as well, and reliving them repeatedly.

It’s holding the trauma so that we don’t have to, because we couldn’t function efficiently in that state for a prolonged period. It doesn’t matter how long ago the traumatic event took place – whether we were 13 or three, a toddler or 90 years old at the time – the ECHO is stored in the subconscious mind and is reliving the trauma over and over again.

Dr Robert Scaer refers to this process as creating a ‘trauma capsule’.

In each trauma capsule, everything happening at that moment is
recorded: breathing patterns, beliefs, bodily chemical changes, what is being eaten, what is being said, a look that is given… It is all recorded and held within the ECHO.

In Matrix Reimprinting our job is to find these ECHOs, move them through the trauma, help them release the freeze response and reduce all the symptoms of fight and flight so that they can move to a place of resourcefulness. We don’t see them as being inside us, but outside, in our personal field, our personal Matrix, which, of course, is part of the larger Matrix that connects everything on this Earth.

Intrigued by Matrix Reimprinting and want to meet some of your ECHOs? I’m sure you can think of a few of yours that you’d love to go and help.
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