What is an EFT Master?


Karl and Gary Craig

Ann Adams, Director of the Masters Program and Karl

Karl with Tam and Mair Llewellyn.

Ever wonder what it took to be certified as an EFT Master?

While each EFT Master is unique in bringing a variety of backgrounds and focus to their practice, what they have in common is a true passion for EFT and the experience of going through the challenging process of passing the EFT Master exam.

To qualify for application consideration, each EFT Master must:

  • Have used EFT with over 300 clients
  • Have had a FULL time practice for more than three years with EFT as their primary modality
  • Have studied fully, not just watched, ALL of Gary Craig’s EFT DVDs (140 hours of video)
  • Have attended EFT trainings and received a level of consultation
  • Have conducted EFT trainings for others
  • Make a contribution to the worldwide spread of EFT
  • Submit a video of a session AND an in depth complex issue case study
  • Show in their marketing materials that EFT was identified as their primary modality
  • Submit three letters of reference.


  • They have done their own work on themselves! While we all have our ‘stuff’ and we never get totally ‘done’, EFT Masters are expected to have applied EFT effectively and successfully to their own major issues
  • Have high levels of maturity, professionalism and enthusiasm
  • They continue to have an insatiable drive to learn more about how EFT can contribute.


The next step is to come together to demonstrate their skills with EFT in front of each other, Gary Craig and Ann Adams, Director of the EFT Masters Programme, www.eft4powerpoint.com and 20 or more spectators.

The last step:

Complete and pass a lengthy narrative exam asking in depth questions about the use of EFT with various issues and the use of the many nuances of EFT.

After passing each step, approved by Gary and Ann, they are entitled to call themselves: EFT MASTER.

Emotional helpers at Gary Craig’s EFT Seminar

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